Blend Management

Seek out opportunities in the Eurozone with no sector, style or market cap biases. Structure a balanced portfolio that is adjusted to market cycles.

Key figures

€4.2 Bn

in assets under management
(as of end-2022)


manager-analysts with complementary profiles 

Michel Saugné

Michel Saugné

Deputy CEO of Tocqueville Finance

The key is to dose the portfolio properly between growth and value. Only the right combination, adjusted to market conditions, will, in our view, be a source of performances. 

Key features
of our offering


Brings together undervalued and overlooked stocks and attractive company stories, all adjusted to market conditions and structured within a balanced portfolio. 


Benefits from the expertise of managers specialising in their particular styles, a constant give-and-take with sector analysts and experts, and a strong SRI footprint. 


Controlled tracking-error with active stock-picking and no sector or country constraints, thanks to a proven investment process. 

Benefits and what
sets us apart

Conviction-based management with an SRI investment process that includes the macroeconomic context and adjusts to market cycles. 

A performance track-record going back more than 20 years.

In-depth knowledge of Eurozone business models, and a mixed universe, including quality, cyclical and value stocks.

Fund selection