Equities Management by Tocqueville Finance

Capture companies’ long-term upside potential. Tap into conviction-based, opportunistic SRI equities management to achieve returns in all market contexts, while minimising the risks of steep volatility.​​​​​​​

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Michel Saugné

Michel Saugné

Deputy CEO of Tocqueville Finance

Tocqueville Finance possesses long-standing proximity to European and, more recently, global companies, allowing it to offer equity investment strategies based on strong convictions that integrate social, societal, environmental and governance challenges.

Growth &

Identify companies having a profile of steady, solid and sustained growth & seek to exploit the potential of undervalued stocks


Support companies that take up the challenges of our time

Small & Mid Caps

Select tomorrow’s champions, which promote a strategic and responsible vision


Seek out opportunities in the Eurozone with no sector, style or market cap bias

Key features
of our offering


Conviction-based management.
Integrates financial and extra-financial dimensions of European equities, with a full offering covering all management styles and thematics, including growth, value, blend, small & mid caps and thematics 


Takes a contrarian approach that is off the beaten path and based on in-depth familiarity with companies and their business models.  


Identifies sustainable opportunities and performance catalysts.
Choose the right valuation method and determine upside and downside potential with a target price. 

Benefits and
what sets us apart

Rigorous and collaborative research to identify responsible thematics and companies with the best long-term prospects. 

Proximity to companies. More than 1000 meetings annually and a proprietary database archiving 30 years of know-how in European stocks. 

Research quality and valuation capacity. Robust construction of portfolios reflecting managers’ conviction for each risk-reward profile.