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Whether you are a seasoned professional, a recent graduate, a student on work experience or an intern, you will have more than just a job at LBP AM: you will have an enriching experience.

Working at LBP AM means undertaking a commitment to a key player in sustainable finance endeavouring to create a sustainable future through its investment choices. It also means joining a major bancassurance group with socially responsible values, one that provides prospects for mobility and advancement.

The diversity of its profiles and the human scale of its organisation enable LBP AM to offer a rich environment for discussions, a close relationship between the teams and management, and opportunities to grow with demanding and passionate experts.

Our HR ambition is to enable everyone to explore their full potential, express themselves, put forward their ideas, broaden their range of skills and play an active part in the company's project -- all in an environment that combines performance and conviviality.
Our offices are located in the heart of Paris, in a new "neighbourhood building” where it feels good to live.

You'll be amazed at the great things we can achieve together with you on our side.

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