An expert in
sustainable finance

We are a leading European multi-specialist in conviction-based asset management, solutions, and sustainable finance.

Who we are

1. Our raison d'être

Enhance financial, natural and human capital and support the sustainable transition of our clients


2. Our values

Consistency, Exigency, Initiative,  Responsibility and  Team spirit 

3. Our history

A history spanning more than 30 years, which in 2023 gave birth to LBP AM, strong convictions, innovative solutions.



Our 4 areas of expertise

Finance the real economy while focusing on an SRI approach to private debt. Take the long road and commit to sustainable development.
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Diversify investments and identify the best responsible opportunities in a broad universe of asset classes and management styles.
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Tap into the opportunities on offer in a very broad, diversified universe with efficient cost management, regardless of the market cycle. Construct a responsible, risk-adjusted portfolio based on decision-making models.
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LBP AM has 3 governance bodies : the Board of Directors, the Management Committee and the Supervisory Board.

SRI expertise

1. Committed to intentionality

Regardless of the investment tool used, for each project we explicitly seek out a positive social or environmental impact. We rely on our GREaT methodology to integrate extra-financial considerations into the heart of our decision-making.

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2. Committed to additionality

Regardless of the type of investor contribution (financial or extra-financial), we work at all times based on the virtuous approach of complementing companies’ own approaches so that they can maximise their social or environmental impact.

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3. Committed to measurability

Regardless of the investment considered, we have developed robust tools able to measure impact, based on social or environmental objectives, monitoring of outcomes, and an ongoing process of evaluation.

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CSR commitments

100% responsible management with a CSR policy comprising 4 pillars and precise goals by 2025

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