Who we are


We are a leading European multi-specialist in conviction-based asset management, solutions, and sustainable finance.

LBP AM is a leading asset manager in France and in Europe in the management of listed assets (investment in listed companies for over 30 years) and real and private assets (financing of the real economy since 2012). 

Our vision: As an asset manager, we believe that finance has a role to play in building a sustainable future.

Our promise: strong convictions, innovative solutions

Our raison d'être

Enhance financial, natural and human capital and support the sustainable transition of our clients

Key figures*



in assets under management 




Investement expertises 

€39   billion

Institutional investors

€16 billion

Private clients – LBP network

€12 billion

Distributors, multi-managers, fund selectors

€1 billion

Private asset management

*LBP AM, Tocqueville Finance and LFDE perimeter at 12/31/2023

Our values

Our history 

Our ambitions are changing, as is our image 

In 2023, La Banque Postale Asset Management becomes LBP AM, with a new visual identity.

In 2023, the company will step up its development with the acquisition of La Financière de l'Echiquier, a growth accelerator for third-party distributors in France and Europe. At the same time, LBP AM is expanding its range of real and private assets.

These developments are fully in line with its history and reflect its DNA: a player on the move, capable of renewing and adapting as well as of innovating for its customers, while remaining focused on its primary mission: to put its convictions at the service of financial, environmental and social performance.

LBP AM, strong convictions, innovative solutions


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