Quantitative Management Solutions

Tap into the opportunities on offer in a very broad, diversified universe with efficient cost management, regardless of the market cycle. Construct a responsible, risk-adjusted portfolio based on decision-making models.

Our quantitative solutions combine human and artificial intelligence. Our decision-making models aim to construct responsible and robust portfolios calibrated to each client’s risk appetite.

Smart Beta Range

Choose an ISR-certified (SRI) approach

Structured management

Construct bespoke risk/reward solutions

Key features
of our offering


Manages investments on the basis of proprietary, adjustable and scalable decision-making models. 


Deploys a broad offering of management strategies, legal wrappers and risk levels.


Ensures risk management, with indicators a key component in guaranteeing capital protection.

Benefits and what
sets us apart

Experts with complementary financial and scientific profiles who develop datamining and decision-making models.

A transparent approach based on tools developed by the managers and back-tested and approved by the risk-management department.

Powerful tools for covering a broad universe, generating simulations, and thoroughly monitoring portfolios and risks.

Robust portfolio construction to make good on promises made to the client.