Structured Management

Choose those solutions tailored to your desired risk/reward, regulatory and tax profile. Diversify assets by adding portfolio convexity, while benefiting from enhanced risk management.

We develop solutions that adjust to each client’s risk/reward profile, with a broad choice of legal wrappers, asset classes and options strategies. Transparent risk management is the hallmark of this approach.

Key features
of our offering


Applies a management approach based on proven proprietary structuring models and on risk management.


Offers bespoke solutions with various levels of protection, with a broad range of legal wrappers, asset classes, options strategies and maturities. 


Invests with partial capital guarantee/protection and a promise of performance-based returns via formula funds. 


Provides exposure to equities while reducing volatility and exposure risks and capital consumption for Solvency II-regulated clients.


Deploys a multi-strategy, systematically risk-managed offering in the form of PEA French share savings plans and dedicated solutions. 

Benefits and what
sets us apart


A dedicated team that has kept its promises to clients through various market cycles.

Strong structuring, innovation and personalisation capabilities to meet each client’s needs.

An industrialised and automated platform to ensure quality monitoring and to optimise management of risks. 

Transparent risk management is the hallmark of this approach, including expert monitoring of financial, counterparty, operational and legal risks arising from the use of OTC derivatives.