Smart Beta SRI Management

Diversify your portfolio’s risk/reward pairing through a high-value-added SRI smart-beta approach that focuses on breaking down the financial markets and stocks based on a modelled and multi-factor approach.

An innovative and multi-factor approach to the financial markets and individual stocks. The team’s extensive experience is a clear advantage in developing decision-making models based on thoroughly selected data.

Key features
of our offering


Promotes high-value-added management based on integrated financial and extra-financial research, as well as decision-making models. 


Offers open-ended funds or bespoke solutions exposed to all geographical regions, including smart-beta indices tailored to each client.


Approaches the equity markets through various factors, such as value, dividends, risks, etc… and portfolio construction techniques while limiting the idiosyncratic impact of individual stocks.


Combines multi-factor, index-based management with a low tracking error.


Combines flexible management, absolute return and hedging of tail risks.

Benefits and what
sets us apart

An ISR-certified (SRI) smart-beta range covering all strategies and geographical regions.

Business line expertise combining market intelligence with cutting-edge technological architecture.

Advanced modelling to identify recurring sources of performance. 

Strong capacity for processing data in terms of volumes, quality, variety and velocity.

A capacity for innovation and personalisation, based on proprietary algorithms.

Fund selection