Multi-asset management, fixed income and absolute return

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Diversify investments and identify the best responsible opportunities in a broad universe of asset classes and management styles.

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Rozenn Le Caïnec et Brice Perin

Rozenn Le Caïnec and Brice Perin

Co-Heads Multi-Assets & Absolute Returne

Multiple SRI capabilities dedicated to achieving investment objectives based on clients’ risk profile. The managers possess long-standing skills in devising flexible, tailored and responsible solutions.

Convertibles bonds

Capture equity performance with less volatility

Absolute return in fixed income & multi-assets

Tap into investment trends and opportunities, regardless of the context


Appropriate multiple sources of added value

Optimised constrained diversification

Devise tailored solutions for constrained management

Key features
of our offering


Convertible bonds. Exploit convexity and various sources of added value, such as equities, volatility and corporate bonds


Absolute return & multi-assets. Tap into investment trends and opportunities, while cushioning the impact of market declines and seeking out diversification and yield, regardless of the context. 


Dynamic allocation. Appropriate multiples sources of added value by detecting the most promising asset classes and allocating them optimally. 


Constrained, diversified and optimised. Devise constrained, financial, extra-financial and/or regulatory tailored asset-management solutions.

Benefits and what
sets us apart

A range of open-ended funds certified ISR (SRI) in all asset classes.

Integrated financial and extra-financial research to capture the performances of responsible investments.

A team of managers with specialised and complementary profiles, who are experienced in building tailored solutions.

A diversified offering (absolute return management, constrained solutions, convertible bonds and multi-management).

Fund selection