Absolute Return and Multi-Assets

Capture market growth, regardless of market context. A broad range of solutions that adjust to the client’s choices, particularly in terms of investment universe and risk budgeting.

Rozenn Le Caïnec et Brice Perin

Rozenn Le Caïnec et Brice Perin

Co-Heads of Multi-Assets & Absolute Return

Our objective is to generate returns in various market environments based on our teams’ extensive experience, our processes and our proprietary tools.

Key features
of our offering


Focuses on investments with broad leeway in solutions that provide access to several bond segments and asset classes.


Adjusts instruments, asset classes, exposures and risk level dynamically on the basis of anticipations.


Constructs portfolios combining sources of added value that are diversified and variable over time.


An investment strategy using risk-based management practices such as a precise steering of VaR and/or volatility.

Benefits and
what sets us apart

A triad of skills based on daily and up-close collaboration between managers, fundamental and sustainable analysts, and quantitative analysts.

Extensive research capabilities in developing tailored solutions by identifying and calibrating performance drivers based on various market contexts.

A management team with extensive expertise and seniority, and with long-standing experience with various market cycles. 

Proprietary and innovative management, decision-making tools and thorough risk budgeting tools.