Convertible Bond Management

Capture equity returns with less volatility, regardless of market conditions, while we adjust to your choices, particularly in terms of investment universe and risk budget..


Brice Perin

Co-Head of Multi-Assets & Absolute Return, Head of Convertible Bond Management

Convertible bonds have various performance drivers, including the underlying shares, volatility and their bond component. Their hybrid nature makes them a special investment for creating value in various market contexts.

Key features
of our offering


Active and discretionary management based on three vectors – defensive, opportunistic, and absolute return – along with Solvency 2 optimisation.


Focuses on selectiveness to best capture the convexity of convertible bonds, identify the solidity of the current bond floor, and to avoid defaults.


Includes all classes of convertible bonds – investment grade, high yield and non-rated.


A multi-dimensional approach, including macroeconomic, fundamental equity, credit, interest-rate, volatility and GREaT extra-financial research.


Several sources of added value, including arbitrage strategies, directional strategies and macro-hedging/volatility.

Benefits and what
sets us apart

A triad of skills based on collaboration between managers, and fundamental, extra-financial, and quantitative analysts.

Cutting-edge research to identify and calibrate performance drivers to market contexts.

Expertise of the management team with long-standing knowledge of the markets.

Proprietary and innovative management, decision-making tools, and thorough risk budgeting.

* GREaT: Responsible Governance, sustainable management of natural and human Resources, Energy & economic transition, and Territorial development