Dynamic Allocation Management

Dynamic allocation of assets and risks to access various sources of added value, based on the client’s risk/performance objective.

Rozenn Le Caïnec et Brice Perin

Rozenn Le Caïnec and Brice Perin

Co-Heads, Multi-Asset & Absolute Return

The idea is to detect the most promising asset classes and allocate them optimally in order to capture the many sources of added value within a responsible and dynamic approach.

Key features
of our offering


A discretionary asset allocation combining strategic and tactical management to enhance the portfolio’s returns within a pre-determined risk framework. 


The allocation managers select suitable investment vehicles for each asset class. Directly held shares in the form of delegation to managers who are experts in equities and/or bonds and/or open-ended internal or external mutual funds/ETFs, and in the derivatives markets.  


Several sources of added value, including dynamic allocation between the various asset classes authorised, including non-benchmarked ones when there is a benchmark, a selection of vehicles, and relative performance of selected investment vehicles. 


Dynamic management, certified ISR (SRI), in international equities around a target allocation. 


An open-architecture approach as part of optimum multi-management of assets.

Benefits and what
sets us apart

A triad of skills based on cooperation between managers, fundamental research analysts and quantitative analysts. 

Cutting-edge research to identify and calibrate optimum performance drivers, based on market contexts.

The management team’s seniority (25 years on average) and its long-standing market and risk-management know-how. 

Innovative and proprietary tools for management, decision-making, portfolio construction and rigorous budgeting of risks.