CSR commitments

As a responsible investor, LBP AM encourages companies to opt for sustainable development paths. As a company, LBP AM is committed to setting a good example through its own decisions

100% responsible management with a CSR policy comprising 4 pillars and precise objectives between now and 2025

1. Act as a responsible employer

CSR is reflected in LBP AM's strong commitment to its employees by ensuring:

  • Several measures to improve quality of life at work: parental leave, sustainable mobility package, etc. 

  • Training and awareness-raising on sustainable development issues

  • Mobilization of employees around solidarity initiatives: Ekiden race, solidarity tie, etc.

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2. Reduce our environmental footprint

LBP AM is committed to achieving concrete objectives:

  • Annual carbon audit

  • Launch of a responsible purchasing policy 2024-2026

  • Raising awareness of ecological digital practices

  • Assessment of LBP AM's carbon footprint

3. Contribute to regional development through impact projects

LBP AM aims to have a positive impact on society and local communities:

  • Monitoring and promoting supported projects via our sharing and solidarity range 
  • Participation in sustainable finance coalitions
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4. Ensure responsible governance

Through its Sustainable Finance Committee, made up of members of the Management Board, the analysis and management teams and the commercial and risk teams, LBP AM defines:  

  • CSR orientations validated by the Sustainable Finance Committee
  • Publication of "L'essentiel RSE", which presents our CSR roadmap and commitments.
  • Regular contributions to non-financial reporting by La Banque Postale, La Poste and CDC

Key figures


of employees have an extra-financial objective 


associations supported through the Sharing and Solidarity Range


LBP AM commits to align 80% of its total assets with a decarbonisation target