Our SRI expertise

A committed asset management company

LBP AM has a pioneering and robust expertise in responsible investment, starting with the first ethical funds in the 90s, followed by portfolios with environmental or social themes in the 2000s, the SRI labeling of 100% of its eligible range by the end of 2020, and now continuing with a trajectory towards carbon-neutral portfolios.

Today, our SRI policy is based on:  the GREaT methodology,  a shareholder commitment to sustainability, transparent exclusions and holistic thematic policies for a committed range of funds.

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Our convictions

1. Climate

Convinced that investors have a role to play in building a sustainable future, we have set an ambitious target: 80% of our total assets will be aligned by 2030 with a decarbonization target compatible with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. 
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2. Biodiversity

Convinced that biodiversity is an essential pillar of our society, we are committed to preserving it through several levers: the exclusion of certain activities from the investment perimeter, shareholder engagement and a dedicated thematic fund.
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3. Territories

Convinced of the strength of French entrepreneurship, we put our expertise at the service of companies throughout France, to help them meet the challenges of sustainable growth and transition.
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LBP AM supports investors in their responsible investment approach with a wide range of SRI products based on systematic and transparent policies.
Our ambition: to enable everyone to play a part in more sustainable finance.

Our actions

Certified open-ended funds

The official French ISR [SRI] certification lays out the requirements for all our eligible open-ended funds in selectiveness, obligations of transparency and reporting of results, in particular in the second version of the certification.

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Dialogue and engagement

Shareholder dialogue and engagement with companies extend our extra-financial research with the goal of urging them to enhance how they address challenges coming under the four pillars of our GREaT methodology.

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Exclusion policies

LBP AM lays out demanding and regularly updated policies to exclude companies exposed to major controversies or sensitive sectors such as controversial weapons, smoking, gambling, thermal coal and non-conventional oil & gas.

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Comprehensive thematic policies