Convinced that biodiversity is an essential pillar of our society, we are committed to preserving it through several levers: the exclusion of certain activities from the investment perimeter, shareholder engagement and a dedicated thematic fund.​​​​​​​

​​​​Les leviers de déploiement

1. Excluded activities

Since 2019, certain activities have been excluded from all the group’s investments because of their harmful impact on biodiversity. 

2. Engaged shareholders

LBP AM’s responsibility as a shareholder is reflected in a dialogue conducted on issues encountered by companies, in order to support them in their transition. This support –  direct or in cooperation with other investors – helps assess the progress made in favour of biodiversity.

3. A specific fund

Launched in 2022, Tocqueville Biodiversity SRI finances companies that are developing solutions for preserving biodiversity and natural capital in four high-stakes areas: sustainable agriculture and food, the circular economy, green buildings, and environmental services and solutions.

4. Integration policy in the investment strategies

LBP AM/TFSA are committed to systematically integrating the biodiversity issue into the analysis and selection of assets through the GREaT proprietary non-financial rating methodology..
They are also committed to monitoring and publishing the biodiversity footprint of their investments.  

5. Advocacy actions

LBP AM/TFSA support regulatory initiatives aimed at strengthening actions of companies, including financial companies, in favour of biodiversity preservation. 

photo d'une abeille

Member of a global initiative

 As signatories since 2022 of the « Finance for Biodiversity Pledge », which brings together about 100 financial institutions on an international scale, LBP AM is commited to :

  • Collaborating and sharing knowledge
  • Engaging with companies
  • Assessing impact
  • Setting targets
  • Reporting publicly on the above before 2025

Biodiversity on our premises

This commitment to biodiversity is expressed even on the premises of LBP AM, in particular through the “Biodiversity” exhibition of Bianca Bondi, a South African artist who has developed organic and resolutely multi-disciplinary works in profound resonance with environmental concerns.

oeuvre de Bianca Bondi