SRI Tech

Our SRI Tech  approach has three levers: financing innovative tech companies via thematic funds, exploring innovations in our Digital Lab and rewarding fintech with Innovation Trophies.

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Financing SRI Tech

Recognised as among Europe's best, French tech enjoys a truly international reach, thanks to its innovative capacity and its network of investors.

Within this network, LBP AM is committed to providing long-term support to French tech companies, particularly at the time of their industrial and commercial build-up phase. A special effort is made to promote research in all healthcare fields, particularly for small companies and those developing biotech innovations.

Innovating with the Digital Lab

Launched in 2022, LBP AM's "Digital Lab" focuses on innovation. Among its first projects is the creation of an SRI Data Hub, a platform integrating financial and extra-financial data.

In addition to this initiative, LBP AM is working with Platform 58, La Banque Postale's incubator, to promote and support the winners of the Trophées de l'innovation.

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Logo Les Trophées de l'innovation

Awarding innovative fintech

As a pioneer in responsible investment in Europe, LBP AM is expanding its initiatives to promote fintech innovation and development. As a symbol of this commitment, the Trophées de l'innovation awards innovative companies that are tomorrow's unicorns and the drivers of a sustainable economy.

After a first edition that crowned four winners, the 2023 Trophées will be held next autumn.

GREaT : Our SRI analysis method

“GREaT” aims to evaluate issuers – governments, companies and projects – quantitatively and qualitatively in two dimensions: the responsibility of their practices and the contribution of their products and services to meeting sustainability challenges.

Thanks to a partnership with Manaos, LBP AM's proprietary ESG rating method is now available on the investment services platform. GREaT scores” can be automatically linked to the data of investor portfolios and supplemented by other scores available on the fintech’s ESG marketplace and retrieved in a few clicks in Excel, SFTP or API formats, or integrated into ESG research notes and other legally required documentation 

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