Bérénice Arbona, winner of the 2023 Women in Energy Transition Prize

Corporate 3.8.23
Bérénice Arbona, lauréate du Prix des femmes

Bérénice Arbona wins the "Women in the Energy Transition Prize" in the Financing category, presented by GreenUnivers and Andera Partner.

Andera Partners and GreenUnivers unveiled the winners of the 6th Women in Energy Transition Prize. It spotlights 20 women in 5 main categories: private actors, public actors, associations, financing and innovation. The purpose of this prize is to reward women who have had a significant impact on the energy transition sector through their actions and achievements.

Bérénice Arbona, Head of Infrastructure Debt at La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBP AM) carried off the "Women in the Energy Transition Prize" in the Financing category, out of 98 entrants for the 2023 edition.

" I try to find ways to go in the right direction through my job. We went looking for the most committed type of funds possible, with a methodology which ensures that all investments actually result in a reduction of CO2 emissions. Finding "green" projects is not difficult. Aligning with the European taxonomy is more complicated," says Berenice Arbona.

Bérénice launched LBP AM's first pro-climate impact fund, which is eligible for Article 9, and has managed to raise €340 million from institutional investors. Three operations have been concluded around this fund: the first to finance a biomass cogeneration plant in the Vosges. A second to finance an innovative solution from Voltalis by participating in a loan of almost €100 million. A third project in charging stations for electric vehicles is being finalized.

Source: GreenUnivers

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