LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance sharing range : 3 funds to support biodiversity, culture and healthcare

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Because solidarity is a hallmark value e of our Group, LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance support associations working to preserve biodiversity, culture and health.  In 2022, alongside La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances, nearly six hundred thousand euros were donated to three associations through the 3 investment funds in our Sharing Range.

As part of their CSR commitments and their strategy of supporting regional development, LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance donate part of their management fees to support organizations whose actions are in line with the themes of 3 investment funds: Tocqueville Environnement ISR, LBP AM ISR Actions France and Tocqueville Silver Age ISR. To coincide with the quarterly review of this Sharing Range, we take a look at the associations we support and the projects born of these partnerships.

Tocqueville Environnement ISR and CDC Biodiversité's Nature 2050 program

Specializing in energy transition, Tocqueville Environnement ISR selects European companies offering products and services that provide solutions to environmental challenges. The Nature 2050 program, launched by CDC Biodiversité in 2016, was chosen for its mission to defend the natural environment, restore biodiversity and manage it sustainably.  

In 2022, around two hundred thousand euros  were contributed by the LBP / CNP Assurances Group, enabling the restoration and adaptation to climate change up to 2050 of almost 40,000 m2 of territory, in the image of the project to revegetate an artificial esplanade in Noisy-le-Grand in Seine-Saint-Denis, reconciling the contribution of biodiversity, urban planning constraints and uses.

LBP AM ISR Actions France and the Louvre Endowment Fund

For its part, the LBPAM ISR Actions France fund, which invests in French equities to support entrepreneurs, through companies qualified as "structural leaders" or groups in the making, has been associated with the Louvre Endowment Fund. Created in 2009, the fund's mission is to help the museum finance its public-interest missions, in particular by supporting the development of its collections, the transmission and opening up of its collections to the public, and the restoration and enhancement of its built heritage and the Tuileries gardens.

In 2022, nearly one hundred and seventy-five thousand euros were donated by Groupe LBP / CNP Assurances, enabling over 200 young people to take part in the "Objectif Louvre" training program. Using art as a medium, this two-day training course is aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 who are in work integration schemes, and is designed to enhance their self-esteem through the exercise of speaking in front of a group, and to help them learn and master the codes of the world of work. 

Tocqueville Silver Age ISR and the Siel Bleu association

As its name suggests, the Tocqueville Silver Age ISR fund invests in the Silver Economy, i.e. all economic activities meeting SRI criteria dedicated to "seniors",  to improve their quality of life. Siel Bleu was chosen because of its work with the most vulnerable people, aimed at maintaining their independence, promoting inclusion and combating sedentary lifestyles and isolation.  

In 2022, nearly two hundred thousand euros were donated by the LBP / CNP Assurances Group to support the association's projects for the financially fragile elderly, disabled and even chronically ill.   

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