LBP AM announces the winners of its 2023 Trophées de l'Innovation

Tech ISR 08.11.2023
Trophées de l'innovation : 2e édition

LBP AM and its subsidiaries Tocqueville Finance and La Financière de l’Echiquier (LFDE) announced yesterday evening the winners of the second, 2023 edition of their Trophées de l'Innovation at a ceremony held at the head offices of LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance, in the La Félicité Paris Sully-Morland environmental district. Three companies were recognised: ACHEEL was elected ‘Fintech of the Year’; namR was elected ‘Greentech of the Year’; and Braintale was awarded the Jury’s Special Prize.  

In accordance with its approach focused on innovation and sustainable development, LBP AM and its subsidiaries organise the Trophées de l’Innovation, in order to recognise and accompany innovative companies that are tomorrow’s potential unicorns and key players in the sustainable economy. 

The Trophées de l’Innovation are organised in partnership with Investance Partners, Finance Innovation, the Institut de la Finance Durable, Alpha FMC, B SMART, Microsoft and La Banque Postale’s platform58 incubator. This second edition was held under the auspices of Jean-Noël Barrot, France’s deputy minister in charge of the digital technology to the minister of the economy, finance and industrial and digital sovereignty, alongside a jury of 19 experts, chaired by Pierre Ernst, a member of the LBP AM Management Board. 

This year, almost 700 fintechs, greentechs and medtechs were contacted. Eighty of those were short-listed, and 12 finalists1  were auditioned by the jury. After in-depth deliberations, the jury chose three award-winners:

Fintech of the Year

ACHEEL, a 100% digital French generalist insurance company founded in 2020. ACHEEL possesses a mixed distribution model via its website, including BtoC, in which it offers homeowner’s, auto, healthcare, pet and non-occupant property insurance, and BtoBtoC, through a broad network of partner brokers that distribute more than 15 products.  

Greentech of the Year

namR, a data intelligence start-up founded in 2017 to serve buildings’ environmental transition  needs. Through the premium data it has compiled over the past five years and based on the best deep tech technologies, namR uncovers buildings’ environmental potential and provides support for exploiting that potential. Its AsknamR platform is the only one that combines all energy-performance, solar and climate diagnostics of 34 million properties in France, and that tracks paths combining diagnostics and solutions on several climate axes. 

Jury's Special Prize (Coup de cœur du Jury)

Braintale,  a medtech founded in 2018 that offers its users – doctors, university hospitals and healthcare partners – a platform of unique digital biomarkers that can be clinical routine-activated and that arise from non-invasive sensitive and reliable measurements (such as MRIs) of alterations of white matter. BrainTale identifies patients at risk, provides early diagnosis and follow-up of diseases, and measures  the efficiency of neurological treatments.  

Prize-winners will receive 5000 euros in financial support, media visibility on B-SMART, Microsoft Azure licences , a one-year membership to the Finance Innovation competitiveness task force, training sessions in the Fresque du Climat and in biodiversity by Investance Partners, as well as an ESG rating by LBP AM via its proprietary ‘GREaT’ methodology.

Pierre Ernst, jury chairman and a member of the LBP AM Management Board : “These prizes and these three prize-winners embody long-term commitment of LBP AM and its subsidiaries to innovation and impact technology. We are extremely proud to play an active role in bringing to light these future unicorns. They are true sources of innovation that go beyond the framework of our asset management industry.”

Luc-Sorel Om, CEO of Investance Partners : “In joining the effort to award creative minds, we are helping to strengthen the attractiveness of the fintech, greentech and medtech ecosystem. These prizes are an opportunity to recognise those who push the envelope on innovation towards a more sustainable economy and society.”

1 - Acheel, Almathea FS, Braintale, Finres, Goodvest, Green Score Capital, Greenscope, Libertify, My Pension, NamR, Sustainsoft, Togethrust

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