LBPAM ISR Obli February 2029: A new bond maturity fund supported by a more opportune market cycle

Corporate 5.22.23
LBPAM ISR Obli February 2029: A new bond maturity fund  supported by a more opportune market cycle

La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBP AM) and Louvre Banque Privée announce the launch of LBPAM ISR Obli February 2029.

This new bond maturity fund invested mainly in High Yield (or speculative*) securities, is designed and managed by LBP AM and distributed by Louvre Banque Privée.

LBPAM ISR Obli February 2029 will be offered to Louvre Banque Privée clients in the life insurance and capitalisation contracts of partner insurers. The marketing period is to run until 15 July 2023. LBPAM ISR Obli February 2029 is one of the few bond investment solutions with a maturity date certified by the SRI Label. The fund meets the reporting requirements of Article 8 of the SFDR and is distinguished by a measured risk profile (SRI 2), as well as an unprecedented level of sustainability for this asset class (25% minimum).

A momentum deemed favourable

The launch of this offer comes at a time deemed favourable for investors given the context of the bond markets. The continued rise in interest rates over the last few quarters has meant that spreads** have widened, opening the way to attractive entry points henceforth.

"The normalisation cycle of interest rates has made the asset class attractive again, after almost fifteen years of remarkably low rates. In the interest of investors, we wanted to deploy this solution at the right time, i.e. not too early, so that the volatility observed at the start of the interest rate recovery could fade away," says Vincent Cornet, Head of Investment Management at LBP AM.

"This new offer enables our clients to diversify their investments with an asset that combines the search for security with a strong demand for sustainability in a favourable tax environment. This cooperation with LBP AM is part of a meaningful approach where positive and socially responsible values are shared," adds Aurélie Tristant, Member of the Management Board at Louvre Banque Privée.

LBP AM's characteristic SRI approach

More specifically, the fund is invested in bonds and other international (private and public) debt securities, mainly European and of mixed Investment Grade and High Yield* category. Its strategy is based on fundamental and discretionary conviction management that favours security selectivity. The result is a relatively concentrated portfolio of around 60 positions today. The fund's bond-picking** gives pride of place to European leaders whose credit quality is generally located in the highest rated High Yield segment.

The fund is also characterised by a longer maturity, close to 5.5 years, than most dated bond funds in the market, helping to optimise the long-term sources of return. The aim is to seek return opportunities in accordance with the recommended investment conditions***, while ensuring the implementation of LBP AM's characteristic SRI approach.

This approach is based on extra-financial analysis criteria applied to identify issuers whose sustainable development practices are considered among the best (according to LBP AM's assessment). LBP AM uses its proprietary assessment method developed by its teams ("GREaT"), which focuses on responsible governance, sustainable resource management, the energy transition and territorial development.

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