The Digital Lab at the heart of innovation at LBP AM

Market Analysis                                     12.19.2023

To round off 2023, Patrick Pansier, Head of Data - Digital & Innovation, takes part in our "Vu(es) sur les marchés" rendez-vous. In this video, he presents LBP AM's Digital Lab, which aims to explore innovations for SRI. 

At LBPAM, we've set up a Digital Lab made up of six experts in the latest innovative technologies, such as robotization, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI, to put innovation at the heart of the company, and more specifically at the service of SRI. And the challenge is to score a very large number of companies on numerous extra-financial criteria. Our ambition is not only to be able to score portfolios of all kinds, but also offer personalized scorings suited to each customer's SRI preferences.

« SRI-as-a-service » 

Scoring such a large number of very different portfolios and being able to offer personalized SRI scores to our customers, poses a number of challenges. The first of these is data. Extra-financial data is highly heterogeneous and not necessarily consistent over time. Traditional databases are of no use in this case, which is why we need to implement innovations on complex data platforms to be able to integrate data in whatever format it is provided.

The second difficulty consists in properly mapping the extra-financial data with our population of issuers. Because providers of extra-financial data don't give us the tickers to easily do this, we're obliged to implement word-processing algorithms to match the extra-financial criteria with our population of issuers.

But all this work in the service of SRI also gives us many opportunities. One of them is the possibility of providing our customers with a scoring engine outside our organization on outside partner fintech platforms, and of offering a kind of "SRI as-a-service".

So the LBPAM Digital Lab perfectly serves its purpose towards innovation, to the point that our SRI platform was recently awarded the Prize for Digital Innovation by Options Finances magazine. The LBPAM Digital Lab is at the service of SRI, but more broadly at the service of all our asset management and LBPAM customers.

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