Corporate Private Debt Management

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Help finance the real economy while supporting French and other European small and mid-sized companies in their development. Support an approach that fully integrates extra-financial criteria in order to identify companies’ sustainable trajectories.

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Isabelle Luy-Landes

Isabelle Luy-Landes

Head of Corporate Private Debt 

Investing in corporate private debt has a real impact on the economy by promoting sustainable development. Our strategy is based on our first-tier origination capacity, with multi-channel sourcing, particularly by Banque Postale, with its strong territorial footprint.

Key feature 
of our offering


Selects European companies, mainly French and small and mid-sized companies adhering to good ESG practices. 


Diversifies investments by economic sector, borrower (no more than 10%), and company size. 


Selects those opportunities offering the best risk/reward pairing. 


Maintains a moderate level of risk by selecting companies at least three years old having structured and secured documentation including financial covenants; and producing internal credit rating for each investment. 


Conducts an in-depth extra-financial study of the company with LBP AM’s SRI team. 


Produces ratings based on GREaT*, a proprietary methodology, that are taken into account in the investment decision. 


Systematic use of tailored extra-financial criteria addressing the challenges of the sector and company concerned.


Reporting and monitoring (GREaT updating, carbon balance, etc.) 

* GREAT: Responsible governance, sustainable management of natural and human resources, energy transition, regional development.