Warning : fraud attempts

LBLBP AM has been informed of attempted fraud involving identity theft. These fraudulent practices encourage individuals to invest in  products, using the names of LBP AM, La Banque Postale and   Aegon Asset Management entities or certain of their employees.

The fraudulent actions have been carried out using phishing techniques, by e-mail or telephone canvassing. Their aim is to improperly retrieve personal data or to request a transaction by bank transfer or dematerialized payment.

LBP AM reminds you that it does not carry out any banking or financial canvassing of the public, and invites those subject to such solicitations to :

  • never click on a link in an e-mail asking you to log in in order to reactivate a bank account, verify suspicious transactions or enter bank details;
  • always check the sender's address. LBP AM staff e-mail addresses are exclusively in prenom.nom@lbpam.com format, excluding any other extension (e.g. @lbpactionsmonde.fr);
  • beware of overly attractive offers that promise a very high, risk-free return, and that require you to make a decision or take action quickly.

If you believe you have been the victim of a fraudulent approach using the identity of a Group entity or one of our employees, we invite you to contact us by e-mail at demandeclientsparticuliers@lbpam.com. You can also consult the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) blacklist of fraudulent companies.

In the event of fraud, you can :

  • lodge a complaint with the nearest police station or gendarmerie;
  • report the e-mail or phishing site on the PHAROS website, the French official portal for reporting illegal Internet content, which provides a guide to preventing scams and alerting the police to the site's illegality.