Private Equity Management

Want to encourage regional and sustainable economic development by investing in locally anchored projects? This fund of funds boosts your portfolio while closely managing risks.  

Grégory Clemente

Grégory Clemente

Head of Private Equity

Our small & midcap fund of funds will have a big impact on the regional economic fabric. It is meant to promote the development of small, very small and mid-sized businesses by shoring up their equity capital.

Key features 
of our offering


Supports local development by investing in small and mid-sized French companies through a dynamic fund-of-funds approach with closely managed risks.  


Offers greater diversification through a portfolio focusing on regional development and job creations. 


Imposes exacting SRI standards in choosing fund management companies and evaluating the quality of companies in which they invest.

Benefits ans what
set us apart

An easy, direct way to finance the French economy by steering French savings towards regional and sustainable productive investment.

A small and midcap investment case for a fund focused on a few asset management companies located mostly outside Paris.

Extra-financial performance metrics imposed on management companies, including incentives indexed to these objectives.